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Sometimes, the best value doesn’t come from a simple search for the entire duration of your stay. For example, if you are planning a seven night stay at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, it is possible that you may be able to get a better total rate by breaking your reservation into concurrent two nights and five nights reservations, or perhaps into two night, three night, and two nights reservations. However, looking into all of the possible combinations on the Hyatt website can be quite cumbersome.

The Tokyo Hyatt Date Range Search tool aims to make this task a little easier. Just select a Tokyo Hyatt, the number of nights of your stay, and the other relevant information required, and the range search tool will generate quick links to every possible reservation combination for you to review.

Using the links generated by this form will allow you to bypass the Hyatt website session code that limits you to searching only one hotel per browser, so you may browse through multiple dates for multiple properties at the same time.  You may also bookmark the generated links to check on the availability status for a particular date at any time.

Note: Entering your Gold Passport Number is optional, but doing so will bring up the “My Elite” rates (if available) if you are a Platinum or Diamond member, even if you are not logged into the Hyatt site.

Tokyo Hyatt Date Range Search Entry Form

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