Tokyo Hyatt Tweets: New Ice Cream Coming to the Park Hyatt!

May 9th, 2014

All of the Hyatts in Japan are fairly active in social media, but they seem to be geared to the local market, and thus are mostly (or, in the case of the Hyatt Regency, exclusively) in Japanese.

As the main website is almost never updated with current events, the Twitter feeds are the best way to keep up with current events, from the major to the trivial.   The Park Hyatt usually leans more towards the trivial.  Here’s an example from this morning (all translation errors my own):

Good morning. Today is a cheerful day that makes us think of the start of summer, and is also known as “Ice Cream Day”. Once again the Pastry Boutique is preparing a new flavor of premium frozen sundae to sell this summer. Please look forward to it!

Apparently, ice cream was first sold in Japan 145 years ago on this day.  I did not know that!

So…was this post too trivial even for a blog dedicated to a handful of hotels, or this the kind of useless fluff you’d be interested in seeing here from time to time?

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