Tomorrow is Andazamania. And it’s all about YOU!

June 10th, 2014

Tomorrow is the Grand Opening of the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills. I will stay there for leisure in the future, but not this time.  Tomorrow is all focused on being the eyes, ears, and mouth for you, my dear reader. These are the three tools at your disposal:

  1. This website
  2. The Tokyo Hyatt Fan Twitter account.
  3. The new YouTube channel.

Use these to ask me any question you like about the new Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills hotel, and I will do my very best to get you the answer in real time.  Diamond benefits, the view from the only luxury hotel outdoor rooftop promenade in Tokyo, the items in the mini bar, the room service menu, the pattern of the carpet in the AO Spa, the number of buttons on the toilet (I put the over/under at 9), anything you want to know, Tokyo Hyatt Fan will do his level best to bring you the answers using the power of words, pictures, and video.

I will have a new post dedicated to the festivities tomorrow starting from around noon my time (roughly 11pm Eastern, 8pm Pacific,  3am GMT) that I will be continuously updating from check-in to check-out, but for now you can leave a comment here, or tweet me @TokyoHyattFan if you have any items that you want to stick on my to-do queue.

Thank you all for reading.  Let’s have some fun!

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Hakone Hyatt Timeline: Hotel Dog Receives Therapy Certification

June 3rd, 2014

I don’t normally do Facebook, but the Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort and Spa doesn’t do Twitter, and this is a nice human canine interest story regarding the hotel dog HARU (the only dog in the world on the Hyatt payroll)  So for this I make an exception:


“The day before yesterday (April 3rd), HARU passed the Japan Animal Therapy Association exam to become a licensed therapy dog. As a registered therapy dog, in additional to all that he does at the Hyatt Regency Hakone, we as a hotel would like to take HARU out to schools and nursing homes. We hope that spending time with HARU in his role as a therapy dog will open people’s hearts and bring about warm, healing feelings to those in need. Please continue to show your support for HARU. (certified by the Japan Animal THerapy Association, based in the city of Yamato, Kanagawa Prefecture, the largest animal therapy support organization in Japan)”

HARU was involved in a traffic accident when he was still a puppy, but it’s good to see that he’s still gone on to lead a happy, productive life.

If you are fortunate enough to meet him, please show HARU some love!

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Tokyo Hyatt Tweets: Special Kaiseki Dinner at Kakou

June 2nd, 2014

I have let the Park Hyatt Tokyo monopolize the tweet reporting around here, but the other hotels are busy as well. Here’s news that will please fans of the Hyatt Regency Tokyo’s Japanese restaurant Kakou:

“To commererate the five year anniversary of the hiring of chief Japanese chef Tadashi Fujii, the Japanese restaurant Kakou has prepared a special Kaiseki dinner starting June 1st. The menu will change monthly with ingredients delicately incorporated to complement the changing seasons. This special Kaiseki will be available until August 31st.”

I regret that I have yet to try this restaurant (I have been partial to the fabulous Chinese restaurant Jade Garden to this point), but I have heard rave reviews about the Japanese breakfast that they serve, so it is high on the list of the Hyatt Regency Tokyo restaurants that I wish to try.

This Kaiseki sounds good, any of recommendations out there?

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Tokyo Hyatt Tweets: New Art at Park Hyatt Tokyo

June 2nd, 2014

Though I have been to the Park Hyatt Tokyo many times, it was only on my last trip that I realized that the painting at the entrance to the library (just past the restaurants on the way to the lobby) changes every season.  The hotel itself saw fit to mention this in a tweet yesterday:

“As the start of June sees the embrace of sparkling sunlight, we have changed the art of the library to match the summer season.  We are happy to greet our visitors with this pictorial representation of  the gaiety of our anniversary.  We wish that you will have splendid days during the summer season.”

Just one of many little things to be on the lookout for during your next trip.

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Tokyo Hyatt Tweets: Look At Our Beautiful Pool!

May 30th, 2014

Here’s one that the Park Hyatt Tokyo should definitely have tweeted out in English:

During your stay, be sure to also experience the finest refreshment at our pool, floating in the sky in the Club on the Park on the 47th floor.  Please have a luxurious time experiencing such things as the freshness of the mid-day sun sparkling off the water surface, and the magical contrast the beautiful arc of light makes with the night sky during light up time in this extraordinary area.

I’m not sure that I’ve done that purple prose justice, but I’ve heard of people that have visited the Park Hyatt Tokyo dozens of times without ever actually going to see the pool.  And that’s a shame, because like the catch copy says, it really is a special, beautiful place, and I don’t consider any stay complete with seeing the pool at both daytime and nighttime.

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