Introducing…The Hyatt Regency Tokyo Point Card

June 8th, 2014

Of course, as does every Hyatt hotel in the world, the Hyatt Regency Tokyo participates in the Hyatt Gold Passport loyalty program.  But did you know that they also have their very own, completely separate loyalty program?

Well, they do, and it’s called the Hyatt Regency Tokyo Point Card.

Brought to you by the people that named their newest eating and drinking establishment "Lounge".

Brought to you by the people that named their newest eating and drinking establishment “Lounge“.

I would like to share with you how to get a Hyatt Regency Tokyo Point Card, but all of the information related to it, including the application form, is only available in Japanese. And the application is a paper form that must be filled out in Japanese.  However, I’ll explain the benefits and, if after reading them, you really want to enroll for this card, then contact me and I’ll see what I can do to hook you up (or ask someone on site about it the next time you visit the hotel)

First off, the bad news: you do not earn Hyatt Regency Tokyo Point Card points (henceforth referred to as just “points”, but understand that I am not talking about Hyatt Gold Passport points in this article) by staying at the hotel.  There are only two ways to earn points with this point card:

1. Receive 5 points for every 100 yen spent at a Hyatt Regency Tokyo Restaurant (not including room service)
2. Receive 2 points for every 100 yen spent at Joule Spa & Wellness, the spa within the hotel.

There are two ways that you can spend these points which you earn:

1. Each point is worth one yen of payment for hotel stay, at hotel bar, restaurant, spa, and pastry shop.
2. With enough points, you can buy certain hotel gift certificates. These range from lunch and dessert at hotel Caffe for 2,800 points, to one free night in a suite for 63,000 points.

The good news is that, once you earn 25,000 lifetime member points, you are upgraded to the Hyatt Regency Tokyo Premium Card!

You can tell that it's premium because it has the word "PREMIUM" on it.

You can tell that it’s premium because it has the word “PREMIUM” on it.

The benefits of the premium card are:

1. Double points earning over regular point card (10 points per 100 yen spent at restaurants, 4 points per 100 yen spent at restaurants)
2. 10% discount off of the Hyatt Daily Rate for stays (Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum and Diamond members get 20%)
3. Late checkout until 3pm (Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond members get late checkout until 4pm)
4. Free parking
5. Free use of pool and fitness gym (already free to all Hyatt Gold Passport members)
6. Wedding gift of 30,000 points

One more thing to note: unused points expire two years from the date of earning.

In summary, the practical benefits available to card holders are:

1. 5% rebate on your hotel restaurant purchases
2. If you spend over 500,000 yen at restaurants, you’ll get double that, free parking, and you’ll have earned almost enough points to consummate your marriage in an Atrium Suite.

If all of that doesn’t convince you to enroll, then here’s the clincher:  you will have one of the most exclusive, coolest looking cards in the world.  Show this card off, and you can have any guy or gal in the world that you want.

Just don't get married until you earn the Premium Card.

Just don’t marry them until you earn the Premium Card.

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