Andaz Tokyo: Choosing Between Points + Cash and All Points Award Reservation

April 13th, 2016

Generally, the choice between booking a Points + Cash or an All Points Award reservation is a no-brainer in favor of Points + Cash. The reasons for this are:

  1. Points + Cash stays count towards qualified nights and stays for tier renewal
  2. Points + Cash stays can generally be combined with a Diamond Suite Upgrade
  3. The “cash” portion of Points + Cash allows one to effectively buy points at a very attractive rate.

For the purposes of this exercise, we will assume that the benefit of a qualified stay is negligible.  If you’re cutting it that close on stays, then there are a lot better mattress stay options available than Andaz Tokyo.

Let us consider the Andaz Tokyo at this particular point in the space/time continuum that I am posting this (sadly, most of my previous articles are now woefully outdated…one of many reasons why actual posts here have become so infrequent)  First, the regular rates at this hotel have become so high that it is always a good value to use points towards a reservation. Unfortunately, Andaz Tokyo is one of the exempt hotels that do not allow the use of Diamond Suite Upgrades (a pity, because they are REALLY nice!)

And now, for some of you that have purchased points in the past, there is another way to buy points and a very attractive rate:

Darned right my loyalty deserves to be rewarded…

With this new promotion, let’s crunch the numbers and see what happens.

First, the Andaz Tokyo Points + Cash reservation.  As a Category 6 hotel, the cash portion of the Points + Cash rate at Andaz Tokyo should be $150;  HOWEVER, as the hotel charges in yen, Hyatt uses it’s own exchange rates to give us 17,785 yen:

Because $150 * 109 yen = 16...wait, what?

Because $150 * 109 yen = 16…wait, what?

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!  Because Andaz Tokyo also charges the following on all paid rates (whether they’re supposed to or not):

There's even a tax on tax!

There’s even a tax on tax!

Putting my degree in nuclear engineering to good use, I calculate the total total of the cash portion of this stay to be…22554 yen.

Whereas, if you can participate in the 40% point bonus promotion, then you can purchase the additional 12,500 points needed for a full award stay (plus an extra 100) for $216.

You have more control of the exchange rate with this purchase.

You have more control of the exchange rate with this purchase.

Using a generous exchange rate of 109 yen gives us a total of 23544 yen.

So, even with all of the Andaz Tokyo tomfoolery and a 40% point bonus, it’s still a slightly better value to book a Points + Cash rate. However, given the scarcity of Points + Cash rates that are actually available at Andaz Tokyo these days, there’s no need to feel bad about topping off your points with this sale to book an all points stay and experience the fizzy jacuzzi at a discount.

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Tomorrow is Andazamania. And it’s all about YOU!

June 10th, 2014

Tomorrow is the Grand Opening of the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills. I will stay there for leisure in the future, but not this time.  Tomorrow is all focused on being the eyes, ears, and mouth for you, my dear reader. These are the three tools at your disposal:

  1. This website
  2. The Tokyo Hyatt Fan Twitter account.
  3. The new YouTube channel.

Use these to ask me any question you like about the new Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills hotel, and I will do my very best to get you the answer in real time.  Diamond benefits, the view from the only luxury hotel outdoor rooftop promenade in Tokyo, the items in the mini bar, the room service menu, the pattern of the carpet in the AO Spa, the number of buttons on the toilet (I put the over/under at 9), anything you want to know, Tokyo Hyatt Fan will do his level best to bring you the answers using the power of words, pictures, and video.

I will have a new post dedicated to the festivities tomorrow starting from around noon my time (roughly 11pm Eastern, 8pm Pacific,  3am GMT) that I will be continuously updating from check-in to check-out, but for now you can leave a comment here, or tweet me @TokyoHyattFan if you have any items that you want to stick on my to-do queue.

Thank you all for reading.  Let’s have some fun!

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