OT: The Conrad Tokyo Royal Hamarikyu Suite

Recently I cheated on Hyatt with a one-night-stand at the Conrad Tokyo. In my defense, they made it worth our while by giving us the Royal Hamarikyu Suite, some pictures of which I share here for posterity.

The main entrance leads to a very large living room. The giant TV and BOSE sound system served our Playstation 4 party well. The painting on the wall reminds me of that which we saw in the Andaz Suite.



The other entrance leads to a small kitchen, complete with everything you need to cook your own meals, from an oven to oven mitts, as well as all the silverware you will need, as someone will come to wash them all for you every day.



The spare bedroom has two twin beds and its own bathroom. The bathtub looks pleasant enough, though we never used it, for reasons that will become clear momentarily. We did, of course, take the extra bath duck home.




The master bedroom featured a single, larger bed, and this very comfy chair.



But what really stood out was the master bedroom bathroom.


For starters, there is the fanciest shower I have ever seen…even fancier than those in the Club on the Park at the Park Hyatt Tokyo. Two rain shower heads, one move showerhead, and eight mist sauna jets! It’s like having your very own miniature water park!


But that’s only the setup for the main event: the bathtub in the center of the room.


An observant person might look at this and say “There’s no water spout! How do fill it with water?”



Yes, the water falls from the ceiling into the middle of the tub! Which is good, because you’ll need to keep it running while you’re bathing to the magnificent views of Hamarikyu Gardens and Tokyo Bay, because an even more observant person would see that the bathtub is only the inner chamber, which you must overflow to fill the outer chamber so that the jacuzzi will activate.

Apparently, super rich people amuse themselves by making Rube Goldberg machines for bath time.

Anyway, well done Conrad. For one night, you made me forget about Hyatt. Of course, if there’s anybody from the Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, or Andaz reading this, I’ll gladly give you and your swankiest suite equal time on this blog if you’ll hook us up next time we swing by!

4 thoughts on “OT: The Conrad Tokyo Royal Hamarikyu Suite

  1. Travelling to Tokyo in April, 6-11, Conrad Tokyo is suggested by my travel agent. but I was wondering if connecting room will be granted as my kids are young. ??

    • Hi Andrew. Do you have any kind of status with Hilton?

  2. Basically luck. I would never be able to duplicate those circumstances again.

  3. Wow – awesome room.

    And that Master Bath is indeed sick.

    How, pray tell, did you end up with the Royal Hamarikyu Suite?

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