Confirmed: 30% off Hyatt APRAC rate to be officially launched December 1st

Last week, TokyoHyattFan was the first travel blog to make note of a 30% off Holiday Promo rate on the Park Hyatt Tokyo, that was pulled just a couple of hours later.

Two days later, the rate also appeared for several hours at the Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort and Spa.

Hyatt Regency Hakone available for well under $250 a night.

Hyatt Regency Hakone available for well under $250 a night.

Looking behind the scenes at the source code of these pages, I learned that this rate was called APRAC in Hyatt’s system.  This is very similar to the APHOL rate that was offered around this time last year, a 30% off rate at most Hyatt properties in the Asia-Pacific region, including all of the Hyatt hotels in Japan.

I reached out to the Hyatt Concierge presence on Twitter to see if they would confirm the existence of the APRAC rate.  While they were not prepared to announce the full details of the promotion, they did in fact confirm that such a promotion was set to officially launch from December 1st:

The APRAC rate will not be available for booking until 12/01 for 2 night mininum (sic) stays 12/04/14-2/28/15. Check again on 12/01… It is 2 night minimum, 12/04-2/28 booked 3 days in advance, prepaid, non-refundable.

So if you have any firm bookings at an Asia-Pacific Hyatt between December through February, you may want to take another look come December 1st to see if you might be able to rebook at a much cheaper rate.