Maximizing Park Hyatt Tokyo Enjoyment as a Platinum

I received an interesting e-mail, asking various questions about the Park Hyatt Tokyo in the context of being a Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum member. Although the experience is maximized by reaching the Diamond level, there are still ways to enhance your stay at this hotel as a Platinum member, or even with no status at all.

Here are the parts of the e-mail (along with my responses) that should be of benefit to all:

I am travelling with several of my friends on a one-week vacation to Tokyo, and we have all decided to stay at the Park Hyatt. My other friends have already made their reservations via Tablet. I want to book my stay via Hyatt to try and build up some points. Can you tell me:

- is there a big difference between a PARK DELUXE and a PARK VIEW room? is it worth it?

The Park Deluxe Room is a nice big room. It’s the first room I ever stayed at at the Park Hyatt Hotel, and it impressed me enough to maintain my Diamond status to this day.

The Park View Room is like a miniature suite. It’s the same design as a Park Suite, with the bedroom and living room “smooshed” into one.

While you won’t be disappointed with a Park Deluxe, I personally enjoy the Park View room much more.

- is the hotel okay with people splitting their stay into two bookings to take advantage of better rates on different days?

So long as you qualify for the rates, you can split your stay over as many rates as you like (the purpose of the Date Range Search tool on my site is to make searching for the optimal combination of rates a little bit easier.

However, do not expect the Park Hyatt Tokyo to automatically extend the benefits of the best rate throughout the entire duration of your station. For example, if you book two nights in a Park View and two nights in a regular Park room, it is unlikely that they would let you stay in that Park View for all four nights; they may will stick to the terms of each rate to the letter.

- should I just book a PARK DELUXE room because I am likely to get an upgrade to a PARK VIEW anyway (subject to avails).

If staying in a Park View room is crucial to your stay, then you should book the Park View room. But, as you say, you have a fair chance of getting the upgrade and, as I said, the Park Deluxe is quite nice in its own right, so I would go with booking the Park Deluxe.

- is there any way of getting around their late check in times on weekends apart from purchasing a day rate room?

In the past I have arrived about an hour early and been allowed into the room. Other times I have arrived 30 minutes early but still had to wait a bit. A lot of it depends on how busy the hotel is on any particular day. The only way to guarantee a room to be available in the morning is to bite the bullet and book the room one day earlier (letting the hotel know in advance that you will not be checking in until the following morning)

- are there any perks we should be aware of/travel tips/things to avoid.

The two things I would keep in mind are the restaurants in the basement of the building and the Spa on the Park schedule.

Park Hyatt Tokyo is part of a multi-purpose office building. Though not advertised as part of the hotel, there are several restaurants and convenience stores in the basement level that are of good quality and reasonably priced. The hotel restaurants are awesome, but you’re probably not going to want to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner there for a week!

Unfortunately, as a Platinum, you will not get free access to the spa facilities at Club on the Park. However, all of the activities at the pool and exercise area are still free to all paying guests. This includes pool exercises, fitness programs, and a good night sleep stretch. You can find details on the weekly schedule at

Finally, if you are not a Diamond member, you can, for all intents and purposes, purchase “virtual” Diamond status for the Park Hyatt Tokyo via a Tablet Plus membership. By paying the $195 membership fee and booking through their website, you would be entitled to the following benefits at the Park Hyatt Tokyo:

Complimentary upgrade upon hotel check-in, based upon availability
Guaranteed 4pm check-out
Complimentary daily continental breakfast per guest (max 2 guests), a value of 3000 JPY (approx $35US) per per person per day.
Complimentary access to ‘Club on the Park’ spa facilities for up to 2 persons during the entire stay (a value of 4200 JPY per person per stay- Approx $50US)

For a one week stay, this would offer considerable benefits that would offset both the $195 membership fee and the points lost through not booking direct via Hyatt.

Regardless of how you stay, relax and enjoy yourself at one of the most luxurious, iconic hotels in the world!

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  1. Thanks TokyoHyattFan. We are all very much looking forward to our stay and we’ll be sure to sample all the hotel has to offer!

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