Zero Night Stay Plan at the Park Hyatt Tokyo

NOTE:The Park Hyatt Tokyo is no longer offering this plan.

If you search through the Offers page of the Park Hyatt Tokyo, you may encounter the following unusual offer:

Your Perfect Day

Enjoy an afternoon in our Park Deluxe Room with a leisurely brunch, access to Club On The Park spa, and cocktails at the bar for a perfect day.
  • Day use of Park Deluxe Room from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Full breakfast or a set lunch at Girandole
  • Access to Club On The Park spa & fitness facilities
  • Evening cocktails at the bar per room
*This offer is not bookable on-line. For more information or to make a reservations, please call +81 3 5322 1234 or e-mail to Not available through

From the description, it sounds like you get to feel like a Diamond member for seven hours.  But can breakfast be eaten before 10:00?  Can the spa and fitness facilities be accessed before check-in or after check-out?  Which bar do you receive cocktails at, or do you get a choice?  Do the Twilight Service appetizers come with the cocktails?  And, most importantly, what does this cost?

Based on the answers to this, it might be feasible to combine the value of a Hyatt Regency Tokyo stay with a splurge of luxury just a stroll through the park away at the Park Hyatt.  But, as the description states, this cannot be booked online, and details that are online are sparse.  So I contacted the Park Hyatt Tokyo reservations department directly for further details.  And here they are!

  • Check in is at 10:00am.  Check out is at 5:00pm. The Club on the Park can only be used between these times.
  • For breakfast, you must stop by front desk beforehand so the breakfast will be registered to the room.
  • Diamond Suite Upgrade cannot be applied to upgrade from Park Deluxe Room to Park Suite.
  • Breakfast/Lunch can be received as Room Service (provided it is done after 10:00am check in time)
  • Evening cocktails are for one drink per person in the Peak Bar, and do not include Twilight Service.
  • Promotion is for weekdays only until December 26th, 2014 (December 20th-25th are blackout dates)
  • Not eligible for stay credit in Hyatt Gold Passport.

And finally, the one factor that determines whether or not this could a good deal:  the price.  I wasn’t going to ask about every rate for the rest of the year, so I choose a random weekday in mid-September, a time that I figured would offer a fairly reasonable rate.

The verdict?  A rate of 37,000 yen, or a total of 45,155 yen with taxes and fees (same for one or two adults) .

This is not very far removed from the fare for a full night’s stay!  What a shame.  While this rate is probably geared towards wealthy Japanese housewives, if they would price this around 20,000 yen (maybe a bit more if they weren’t quite so stingy with the use of the Club), I bet that they could make a lot of extra money on rooms that would otherwise go empty, and give many more people a taste of what makes the Park Hyatt Tokyo so special.

I give this rate a grade of 8 for creativity and a 3 for execution.  Not worth pursuing further.

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