Baby Goods Delivered Direct to Any Hyatt in the World

If the only thing stopping you from packing up and heading out to check out a Tokyo Hyatt hotel for yourself is the enormous amount of pacing required for your toddler, then this little known service may be just the thing for you!

For several years, Hyatt hotels have partnered with Babies Travel Lite to allow you to purchase baby goods like diapers, food, pretty much anything that your baby needs, and have them shipped direct to any Hyatt hotel in the world ahead of your trip.  For a two week trip, that’s about two suitcases worth of baby stuff that you won’t have to lug through airports and customs!

Mothers rejoice!

Mothers rejoice!

You can select needed items on an individual basis, or in prearranged “Baby Bundles”, complete with a wide variety of items for your baby.

They've thought this through.

They’ve thought this through.

Even if you choose the bundle, you can go through later and customize each item if you have a specific brand preference.


Even if your kid will only wear Seventh Generation diapers, they’ve got her covered. Literally.

Unfortunately, the check-out process isn’t quite fully integrated with Hyatt databases, so you will have some manual entry to do regarding the location of your hotel.

If your baby will only wear Seventh Generation diapers, they've got her covered.  Literally.

If they’d like, they can use the code I made for selecting hotels in my All Hate Date Range Search.

You should allow a few weeks to get the product shipped to the Hyatt in question, and you should probably have a reservation with that hotel in advance of this.

I have not personally utilized this service, but I think that I would have if I had only known about it.  I don’t know why Hyatt doesn’t promote it more prominently.  It has been active since 2008, and the few reviews I could find about have all been positive. This may cost more money than dragging along your own baby goods from home, but for me the reduction of stress would have been well worth it.

If you have used this service before, please let me know what you thought!