Stupid Hyatt Website Tricks: Bookmarking Hotel Availability Searches

The savvy hotel traveler will often want to check on rates for an upcoming stay many times, in the hopes that rates will decrease in price, or that additional availability might open up.  However, the Hyatt website does not make it easy to do so.

For example, suppose you wanted to make a four night reservation for the New Years holiday at the Park Hyatt Tokyo.  You go the Park Hyatt website and diligently enter in all of the information required:  December 31st arrival date, January 4th departure date, two adult passengers, and possibly some special codes you also want to check out.  Click Check Availability, and the results come up as so:

Results for availability check for four nights at the Park Hyatt Tokyo

Results for availability check for four nights at the Park Hyatt Tokyo

We see that there is no Twin Room availability of any sort, so we make it a point to bookmark this page and check the rates again later.

However, when later comes around and you click on the bookmark, you won’t see that screen up there.  You’ll see this screen down here:

Sorry, back to the beginning you go.

Sorry, back to the beginning you go.

Like many hotel websites, Hyatt uses something called a “session”, which is short, predetermined period of time that you can access the website.  Once the session expires, you will have to return to the top page to start a new session.  This is done to safeguard against hackers being able to intercept your data and steal things such as credit card deals.  Which is an important thing to do, but it comes at the cost of our convenience.  Every time we want to look up availability, we have to start from the beginning and enter in all of our information all over again.

However, if we had a way to tell the Hyatt website everything that we want before a session is created, then we could save that information and use it to avoid doing all of that work each time we want to check our rates.  With a bit of reverse engineering, I have found a way to do just that.  All we have to do is access the website like this:

....oh, is that all?

….oh, is that all?

The Hyatt will grab this information encoded in the above URL and use it to create the availability results page as it creates a new session.  So as long as we save our search information in the above format, we can easily look up any rates at any hotel we want with a single click!

Of course, I don’t expect a normal person to create a URL like that on their own.  To simplify the process, I have created the Tokyo Hyatt Power Search, that will allow you to create the above link for any valid date for any Tokyo Hyatt hotel that you wish.  And if you don’t want to be limited to just Tokyo Hyatts, the All Hyatt Power Search will create bookmarkable links for all 587 current and future (as currently known) Hyatt hotels throughout the world.

And for true power users, there’s the Tokyo Hyatt Date Range Search and the All Hyatt Date Range Search.  A straight four night reservation may not always bring up the cheapest rate;  sometimes it can be cheaper to book two consecutive two night stays, or a three night stay with a one night stay.  The Date Range search will bring up links for all possible combinations of reservations for stays of up to nine nights at a time, allowing the most ardent deal searchers to ensure that they are getting the best total rate that they possibly can.