Tokyo Hyatt Fan 101: How to get Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond Status

NOTE: This program is not currently available

In previous Tokyo Hyatt Fan 101 articles, we’ve introduced the Hyatt Gold Passport loyalty system, and shown how easy it is to advance to the Platinum tier.  However, the real sweet spot to get the complete Tokyo Hyatt experience requires that you attain the highest published level of the program: Diamond tier status.

As mentioned previously, benefits include the following:

  • 30% bonus on points earned
  • Upgrade to the best available non-suite
  • Free access for all of the room’s guests to the club lounge at Hyatt hotels that have them, or free full breakfast at hotels that don’t.
  • A welcome bonus during every stay of either 1000 points or a food/beverage amenity of the hotel’s choosing.
  • Up to four paid stays a year of up to seven nights each can receive a guaranteed suite upgrade.
  • 48-hour guaranteed room availability (with some blackout dates at the discretion of each property)
  • Late checkout until 4pm upon request (subject to availability)

Some hotels also offer additional perks;  for example, Park Hyatt Tokyo offers free access to Club on the Spa and four hours a night of free drinks and canapes in the Peak Lounge.  These are all things that you will want to have.

Unfortunately, unlike for the Platinum tier, there are very few ways to be simply given Diamond status, and those that exist don’t apply to 99.999% of us:

  • Some ultra elite credit cards, like Centurion, used to offer free Hyatt Diamond status to members, but I do not know if they still do that now.
  • M-Life casino program, which has a reciprocal relationship with Hyatt, has an “Noir” level that offers Hyatt Diamond status to members. But you must wager over a million dollars to get Noir status.
  • Late last year Hyatt erroneously sent out a targeted mail offering Diamond status with its credit card.  For the few people that applied before the offer was corrected, the original offer was honored.

So unless you are extremely lucky, or able to take advantage of a fluke, there is no way around doing some work to obtain Diamond status.

The good news is that there is a shortcut to the normal requirement of meeting either 25 stays or 50 nights stayed in a calendar year.

EDIT: As og November 1st, 2014, this offer is no longer available.

Similar to the Platinum Trial introduced in a previous post, there is also a Diamond Trial that you can enroll in.  You can even use the same form as for the Platinum trial to enroll and send to  During the 60 day trial, you will have the full benefits and privileges of Diamond status, and if you complete 12 nights stayed during that time, you will be able to keep that status until at least February 2016.

The bad news is that, unlike the Platinum Trial, not everyone is eligible to participate.  The goal of this trial is to get people that spend a lot of nights at other properties and lure them over to Hyatt.  To that end, they require proof of elite status in one of several competing hotel chains.

The elite status levels that Hyatt accepts for entry into the Diamond Trial are:

  • Hilton HHonors: Gold and Diamond
  • Marriott (Ritz-Carlton Rewards): Gold and Platinum
  • Starwood: Platinum
  • IHG Rewards Club: Platinum

If you have one of these competing hotel chain status levels already then congratulations, you are good to go!  If not, then you have the bizarre task of obtaining status in another hotel chain to enhance your Hyatt stays.

It is beyond the scope of this site to delve deeply into other hotel loyalty programs, but there are at least three strategies for obtaining at least one of those levels quickly:

1. Credit Cards: If you live in the United States, then you have access to credit cards that come with status such as Hilton HHonors Gold, Marriott Gold, or Ritz-Carlton Gold.  They are heavily advertised on travel blogs that make a hefty commission off of them, so they should be easy to find.

2. Fast Track Trials: Similar to the Hyatt trials, other chains also offer a shortcut to status. Hilton offers a Fast Track program to Gold status after only four stays within a 90 day period.

3. Chaining Status Matches: Best Western status, for example, does not get you into a Hyatt Diamond Trial, but it can be used to match to IHG Platinum status, which can in turn be used to start a Diamond Trial.  If you would like to do this, or check on whether other chains loyalty programs may also work, call IHG at 1-888-211-9874.

It can be a chore to obtain Hyatt Diamond status, but with a little research, you can make it slightly less of a chore.  And as someone that has been there and done that, I can vouch for the fact that the rewards are worth it!