Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee (or how to stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo for $267/night)

Hyatt has a Best Rate Guarantee.  In short, they guarantee that the rates you find on their website are the lowest rates available for booking a room.  If you happen to find a place where the same room, under the same conditions (e.g. cancellation rate is same, extra perks offered are the same, etc.) on the same dates are immediately bookable, then Hyatt will not only match the competing site’s rate, but will take an additional 20% off of that.

For example, suppose we are looking to stay for a night at the Park Hyatt Tokyo on June 30th.  The Hyatt website Weekday Retreat Rate shows us the the Park Deluxe Room is available for 45068 yen, complete with free cancellation, free daily breakfast, and free late checkout until 4pm:

That's actually a pretty good deal in and of itself.

That’s actually a pretty good deal in and of itself.

Now let’s look for a room on Orbitz:

That certainly looks promising!

That certainly looks promising!

Let’s click the See details button to see more:

Yep, just as advertised.

Yep, just as advertised.

A Park Deluxe Twin or King, with free cancellation, free breakfast, and free late checkout to 4pm (the majority of of benefits that Hyatt Gold Passport members normally get at this property) is significantly cheaper than what we see on

(lest we get hung up on the differences in currency, Hyatt does allow the competing rate to be of a different currency, as per their terms and conditions:)

In the event that the Competing Rate is in a different currency from the Hyatt rate, Hyatt shall convert the Competing Rate into the same currency as the rate offered on the Hyatt website. If, after conversion to the same currency, a Competing Rate is less than one percent (1%) lower than the Hyatt rate, then such competing rate shall not qualify for the Best Rate Guarantee. Such deviations are often the result of fluctuations in currency exchange rates and other factors beyond Hyatt’s control.

This rate has no problem covering the 1% fudge factor.

So Hyatt should take this $334 rate and take an additional 20% off, giving you a 27 hours (1pm check in during the week!) at the Park Hyatt Tokyo with free breakfast for $267.20 plus taxes.  But how do we claim this rate?

In the past there was a phone number to call to make claims, but just last week Hyatt converted to a web-based claim submission system:

Picture 29


It is long and cumbersome, but your reward will be a $200 savings, and a big feather in your Tokyo Hyatt Fan cap!

6 thoughts on “Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee (or how to stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo for $267/night)

  1. Just submitted a BRG, we will see what happens. Travelocity has a Park Deluxe Twin Weekday Retreat for $417 and I used a promo code for 15% off which brought the total down to $355, not including taxes. For my reservation on there were no Weekday Retreats available so I booked a one night Relaxation Park Deluxe Twin for around $696. Hopefully they do not deny the BRG because of the difference in names of Relaxation and Weekday Retreat since they have identical conditions (free breakfast, free Club at the Park, free late checkout although 2pm vs 4pm). You think it has a shot of being accepted?

    • Hi Pap.

      Never hurts to try. Let me know if it worked out for you!

      • It worked! Although it was on a second BRG claim. The BRG with the 15% off promo I haven’t received a response other than the initial 24hr follow up saying they couldn’t view my attached screenshot. The 15% off promo is expired now so I submitted a second BRG with a $50 off promo in case they come back on the first one saying its expired. The second one didn’t have an issue and they sent me an updated reservation with a new price of $294! Glad they didn’t get hung up on the naming difference.

        • Persistency is the key to landing a successful BRG.

          Congratulations, and enjoy your stay!

  2. I’ve arranged a couple nights across the street at the Conrad in September but in the interest of authenticity of “Lip My Stockings” scenario I might just check out the BRG situation. Thanks for posting!

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