Stupid Hyatt Website Tricks: The Mobile Website

Did you know that Hyatt has a special mobile website? They would probably prefer that you didn’t, as they try to steer you towards their mobile application. But it does exist, and it is gloriously wonky, especially when viewed on a desktop.

The top page for accessing reservations can be found here:

It's built for vertical phone resolution, so everything gets stretch out when viewed on a computer.

It’s built for vertical phone resolution, so everything gets stretch out when viewed on a computer.

It’s very simple, and there’s no hand holding.  No calendar tool pops up, you have to enter a date on your own (no problem if you’re used to using our first Stupid Hyatt Website Trick.)  Curiously, you can search for a broad range of destinations like “Tokyo” or “Japan”, and it will bring up all of the results related to that, but you cannot search directly for a specific property, like “Grand Hyatt Tokyo”.  Anyway, let’s fill in the form like so:


Looking up one night from August 30th in Tokyo for 2 adults

It returns us a list of all hotels in Tokyo for that period, and the lowest price available.


Pictures getting stretched waaaay out there.

The Grand Hyatt Tokyo rate looks decent, so let’s click the CHECK RATES bar for that hotel.

More stretched goodness.

More stretched goodness.

Let’s check out the RATE RULES for one of these rates.  Any one will do, so I will just randomly choose the Advance Purchase for the Grand Twin.  Click the RATE RULES bar and we get the following:

Picture 16


For this screen shot I left the URL bar in for a reason.  Let’s look at it in closer detail:

All of the information related to our request is right there in the URL.  I will leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out what all of these entries mean, but for now let’s focus on the areas checkout and checkin.

In our previous Stupid Hyatt Website Trick, we used an elaborate trick to create a “Frankenpage” that allowed us to view the price on rooms for any date, even when the room was all sold out.  But with the mobile page, could it be that the process is as simple as merely changing these dates in the URL to whatever we want to see?

Let’s try to change it to a New Years Eve reservation:

Hit the Enter button, and look what we get!

That...that was much easier than what I was doing before!

That…that was much easier than what I was doing before!

Not only can we use this to see whatever day’s rate we want, but we can also bookmark this link and refer to it any time we like!

The Hyatt mobile experience can provide great convenience over the regular website…but it can also be the source of much tantalizing frustration.  An example of this can be found when attempting to modify a booking.

Going back to the list of rates at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, let’s check out the point redemption rates available:

25000 points for a regular room, 33000 for a club room.

25000 points for a regular room, 33000 for a club room.

We’ll attempt to make a points booking for a Grand Twin.  Clicking the BOOK button, you are prompted to log in, on account of needing access to your account to see if you have enough points available.

Valid login information to be supplied by you, the reader.

Valid login information to be supplied by you, the reader.

After doing this, you are sent to the mobile booking site:

Mobile Booking Page

Mobile Booking Page

An interesting thing to note is that the group/corporate code for a points reservation night is “54749″.  This information does not show up anywhere on the main website…and also provides proof that a group/corporate code isn’t in and of itself a factor that limits who or what organization can use it.

Anyway, suppose we’ve had a change of heart, and want to get ourselves an even better room.  Click the “Modify” link on the bottom right to go back to the list of rooms for booking.

Ambassador Suite!?  I love that room!  And only 500000 yen?  Sign me up!

Because the first thing we look for after checking a points reservation are high end suites.

Scrolling down near the bottom, we find that the Ambassador Suite is available in the Advance Purchase for the low price of 488000 yen.  Let’s click the BOOK button here and see what happens:



The mobile site is now telling us that we can reserve the Ambassador Suite for 25000 points!  Of course, we’re going down to the bottom of the page to click the submit button to see what happens…

…c’mon, did you think that this would buried in a Stupid Website Trick if it actually worked?

DAMMIT!  What does that even mean!?

DAMMIT! What does that even mean!?

Alas, the Mobile site bends like the willow…it does not break like the oak.  But, understanding that, you might have fun exploring on your own to find out what other secrets it might hold.


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    • Thanks for the kind words! Please check back in again from time to time, I might yet find a way to be funny once more.

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