Tokyo Hyatt Tweets: Look At Our Beautiful Pool!

Here’s one that the Park Hyatt Tokyo should definitely have tweeted out in English:

During your stay, be sure to also experience the finest refreshment at our pool, floating in the sky in the Club on the Park on the 47th floor.  Please have a luxurious time experiencing such things as the freshness of the mid-day sun sparkling off the water surface, and the magical contrast the beautiful arc of light makes with the night sky during light up time in this extraordinary area.

I’m not sure that I’ve done that purple prose justice, but I’ve heard of people that have visited the Park Hyatt Tokyo dozens of times without ever actually going to see the pool.  And that’s a shame, because like the catch copy says, it really is a special, beautiful place, and I don’t consider any stay complete with seeing the pool at both daytime and nighttime.