New Years Eve 2014 at a Tokyo Hyatt Hotel

I may be in the minority, but I can think of few better ways of ringing in the new year than safely within the busom of a Tokyo Hyatt hotel.  As of today, all four of the metro-Tokyo area Hyatt hotels are still available for booking via the Hyatt website (availability has yet to be made available for Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort and Spa;  if it does open up, it will likely be even more expensive than any of the Tokyo hotels).  Here is the current breakdown of rates for two adults for a one night stay on New Years Eve, courtesy of the Tokyo Hyatt Power Search tool:

Hyatt Regency Tokyo: 

The lowest published rate for a King, Queen, or Twin Room is the Advance Purchase rate of 30200 yen.  Breakfast for two can be included for an additional 4000 yen.  This is a fully prepaid, non-refundable rate though, which is a non-starter for me.  The lowest price rate with free cancellation up to 2pm December 30th is the Hyatt Daily Rate at 37000 yen.

If you are a Costco member, you can use Corporate Code 13365 to bring the refundable rate down to 33600 yen.  Be sure to have your Costco membership card with you upon check-in, as they do verify this!

But the best option may be to use your Hyatt Gold Passport points, as award availability still exists for only 12000 points.  Even if you don’t have any points at this time, they are currently on sale until the end of the month, and 12100 points can be purchased for only $264 USD.  If you are not a Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond member, you can also upgrade to a Club Room and receive Regency Club access for an additional 5000 points.

Grand Hyatt Tokyo:

The lowest published rate for a Grand King or Grand Twin room is 61000 yen for the Hyatt Daily Rate, which offers free cancellation until 2pm December 24th.  The Costco discount is not applicable on this date, but award availability is open for 25000 points.  During the current sale, 25300 points can be purchased for $546 USD.

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills:

The lowest published rate for an Andaz King or Andaz Twin room is 70000 yen for the Andaz Rate, which is a fully prepaid rate, but offers free cancellation until 2pm December 24th.  The Costco discount is available, which brings the rate down to 63000 yen and offers the same prepaid/cancellation terms as the Andaz Rate.  Award availability still exists for New Years Eve, at the same 25000 point rate as the Grand Hyatt.

Park Hyatt Tokyo:

The lowest published rate for a Park Deluxe King or Park Deluxe Twin room is 72000 yen for the Hyatt Daily rate, which offers free cancellation until 1pm December 24th.  Unfortunately, the method of forcing guaranteed availability for a base room doesn’t work because this is a special exemption night.  Costco discounts are not valid at Park Hyatt hotels, and award availability doesn’t exist on account of there being no base rooms available, so this is best that we can do for the time being.

In addition to the above, there is also the new Points + Cash program that could potentially save you a great deal of money, but you will have to call Hyatt directly to check availability on that.

None of these rates are what we could call a great deal, but there’s still over seven months until New Years Eve, and rates and availability can (and will) change many times during that period.  If you absolutely have your heart set on staying during any one of these nights, I would suggest making a refundable booking now, bookmarking the links that you can create with the tool, and just keep on refreshing every now and then until something better pops up.  Persistence is rewarded in the hotel booking game!