Special Offers at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Out of all of the Hyatt hotels in Tokyo, I believe that the Grand Hyatt Tokyo offers the most interesting special offers, stays that come with things other than room and board.  While my normal mode of operation is to strictly look for the best value rates, for the Grand Hyatt alone, I will always check out the Offers page on their website.  And every now and then, I will find something that entices me to pay more to get more.

The first special offer that I ever booked was the “Wa Ginger Stay” a little over a year and a half ago, which offered two special features with the stay.  First off was a special ginger drink in the Maduro Bar.  I’m generally a teetotaler, and wouldn’t normally step foot inside of such an establishment, so it was kind of interesting venturing out of my comfort zone to figuratively let my hair down. It was a very vibrant place, full of banker types boasting about their financial conquests that morning, and chatting up ladies for a different type of conquest later that night…

If you’re into that sort of thing, the place apparently also has an excellent cigar bar with the finest Cubans money can buy, but you’ll have to ask Tokyo Cigar Fan to verify that.

I wish I had thought to take a picture of my drink at the time, but here’s something similarly fruity that they serve:

Gives you a buzz and 50% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C.

Gives you a buzz and 50% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C.

But the main attraction of the Wa Ginger Stay was the Nagomi Ginger Massage in the Nagomi Spa.  I was really looking forward to experiencing my first ever massage, and the masseuse didn’t disappoint, delivering heavenly bliss far beyond even that of an Aesop shampooing…with the added bonus of smelling like ginger ale for hours after.  Unfortunately, I just cannot reconcile spending 18,000 yen on a luxury like that for myself, so I am grateful that this rate compelled me to pay for these services in advance and force me to experience things that I wouldn’t otherwise get myself to do.

The other special rate that I purchased was the Harry Potter Summer Stay rate, when the Harry Potter exhibition came through Tokyo last year.  I live close enough that I could have just gone on my own, but the lure of another night at the Grand Hyatt, the ease of the five minute commute to and from the Mori Art Museum where the event was being held, and the special tickets that came with the rate that would allow us to bypass the crowds and reservation times convinced me to just leave all the planning to the good folks at Hyatt.  And they did not disappoint, not only delivering on all that was promised, but surprising us with a special souvenir waiting on our bed when we returned to our room.

The “Wa Ginger Stay” has been slightly retooled, and is now known as the “Summer Well-Being Stay“.  The drink in the bar has been replaced by a special healthy room-service breakfast, which makes it even more appealing to me.  But what really peaks my interest is the new “Horse Riding Experience” stay, that includes a horse riding experience at the historic Tokyo Riding Club, and a special hamburger lunch at the Oak Door restaurant.  I have no idea whether I’d enjoy riding a horse…but if the Grand Hyatt has gone out of the way to set this up, then who am I to doubt their learned opinion?

Just as the Park Hyatt got this dude to enjoy washing his hair, the Grand Hyatt got this control freak to let go and enjoy whatever they wanted to offer me.  So before your next stay, do yourself a favor before you click on that My Elite Rate;  check out the their Offers page and see what else they have to offer besides lodging!