Introducing…the Grand Hyatt Tokyo…another time

The Park Hyatt Tokyo and Hyatt Regency Tokyo are two hotels seem to occupy the two extremes of my affection for Hyatt:  aspirational luxury and dependable, comfortable service.  But I find the Grand Hyatt Tokyo to be a little bit harder to classify and compare to the two.

In fact, while it was easy for me to find the words to describe those hotels, I am finding it so hard to find words that satisfy me that I’m having difficulty coming up with this post, so I think I will need to have a longer think about it and come back to this when inspiration strikes.

For now, I refer you to Quirrow & Mail, who has written a nice review of his experiences at this hotel, though his overall opinion remains slightly different from mine.

Writing is hard! I think I need to exercising my writing brain a bit more before tackling this again…