Introducing…the Park Hyatt Tokyo

Okay, now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let’s get to the content!

But first, let me give you an idea of how I’m going to do these posts going forward…

For the long term health of this blog.  I’m going to resist the temptation to just write everything I can think about all at once.  I will start with a basic overview of each Tokyo Hyatt.  Then I will start branching out into specific aspects of each property…a specific room review, tips on getting the best rates, must-see/must-do/must-eat attractions that don’t get the attention that they deserve, things like that.  It will be whatever I feel like talking about at any given time…though I reserve the right to be swayed by requests in the comments section!

One more thing I should mention: if you are looking for a thousand pictures to go along with each post, allowing you to examine each individual thread on the Egyptian cotton sheets, then I’m afraid that you will have to look elsewhere.  This is for three reasons: first, I generally like to get immersed in the hotel experience, so I don’t actually take many pictures when I’m there.  Second, there is no shortage of pictures already on the interwebs (I suggest Google).  Third, and most important, I feel that pictures give away too much of the experience.  My goal is to get you interested in experiencing these places for yourself, not to make you feel like you’ve experienced them already.  So I prefer to let my words do the talking, and let your imagination build anticipation to start an investigation to make reservations for these destinations.

Right…sorry about that.  Got a little carried away.

Okay, the Park Hyatt Tokyo!  Iconic in so many ways…from the distinctive three escalating pyramids soaring into the sky, to the majestic view from the New York Bar that, twenty years after the building’s completion, remains one of the best ways in the city to impress a date, to the gleaming pool and fitness center on the forty-seventh that represents the epitome of opulence…

What the heck, here’s a picture for you.

Park Hyatt Tokyo pool

Park Hyatt Tokyo pool

That’s what I’m talking about!

In short, the Park Hyatt Tokyo is a destination in and of itself.

And a good thing that it is, because for all intents and purposes it’s in the middle of nowhere.  It is too far away from the Shinjuku train station for a first-timer to walk to.  And Shinjuku station is so complicated that it’s too hard to find the free shuttle bus that will take you there.  So your first trip to the Park Hyatt Tokyo should probably be either by taxi from the station or by bus from the airport.  A full list of your transportation options can be found here.

Like just about every hotel of note in Tokyo (with the notable exception of The Peninsula), The Park Hyatt resides on the top of a multipurpose office building.  There are several restaurants in the bottom of this building that will provide a reasonably cheap lunch.  The best time to make use of them is before heading into the hotel proper…it will feel like too much of a step down otherwise.

Once you enter the second floor entrance you have two options: hang a left and check out the well stocked Delicatessen (skip the Pastry Boutique until the end…its best use is for purchasing parting souvenirs), or go straight ahead, around the ornate centerpiece, and wait for one of three elevators that will whisk you up to heaven thirty nine floors above.

At this point…I have a hard time finding the words that do justice to the experience of seeing this hotel for the first time.  The Peak Bar and Lounge at the entrance is merely a tease, a swerve as to what awaits (though you’ll have to find time to come back to this area when it changes from night to day or vice versa, as both offer a completely different look and feel) as you keep walking.  You’ll see the European restaurant on the left and the Japanese restaurant on the right (and below), two extremes that somehow exist in harmony.  As you approach the colorful painting (that changes every season), be sure to take a quick glance out the window to the right;  if the weather cooperates, you will get your first glimpse at one of the few things even more iconic than the Park:  Mount Fuji.  A left past the rows of books, a right down a narrower hallway…all of these twists and turns serve to disorient you from the real world.

By the time you reach the end of your walk, you are no longer on your own.  You are in the bosom of the Park Hyatt Tokyo, where every person and every item exists to serve your every need, your every want, your everything.

Of course, it will cost you.  As for what and for how much, that depends on how well prepared you are before you go.

And we’ll talk about preparing for your stay…some other time! ;)